KENCO is managed by a board of 9 directors drawn from member organizations. The board is responsible for key decision making and carrying the vision of the organization forward including sustainability. Within the board are various committees that handle various issues at the board level e.g., procurement, human resource, advocacy, resource mobilization etc. These committees meet often depending on the tasks at hand. The National Executive Committee of the board comprising the Board Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer meet often to deliberate and make decisions on important issues that do not require the participation of the full board. The following are the board members and the member organizations that they are affiliated with:

  1. Evan O. Mapelu – Chairperson, HENZO Kenya.
  2. Philip Odiyo – Vice Chairperson, Prostate Cancer Support Association
  3. Prisca Githuka, Secretary, Cancer Survivors Association of Kenya.
  4. Elizabeth Ragui, Treasurer, Hope Beyond Cancer Trust
  5. Dorothy Nyong’o, Member, Africa Cancer Foundation
  6. Dr. Asaph Kinyanjui, Member, Kenya Hospices & Palliative Care Association.
  7. Prof. Jessie Githang’a, Member, Kenya Childhood Cancer Trust.
  8. Thomas Lindi, Member, Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance.
  9. Sidney Chahonyo, Member, Hope for Cancer Kids



KENCO has a functional secretariat of 5 staff responsible for the day to day running of the organization. Below are the names of the top management team

  1. Christine Mugo-Sitati – Executive Director
  2. Charles Muya – Program Manager
  3. Cynthia Omondi – Finance and Administration Manager
  4. Carol Ntinyari-Administration Assistant 
  5. Nancy Okenagwa-Communications & Networking Officer