Stakeholders in the medical industry have raised alarm over the use of unproven screening methods by healthcare facilities to detect cancer.

According to the experts, some of the tests being used are not in line with standard guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

“While the hospitals are doing a good job by offering screening at reduced costs, we’re concerned that some of these institutions are using tests that haven’t been approved for mass screening of cancer in populations,” David Makumi, chairman of the Kenya Network of Cancer Organisations (KENCO) told the Business Daily.

To mark Breast Cancer Month, which is celebrated annually in October, many hospitals are encouraging Kenyans to undergo various cancer screening tests at their facilities by offering discounted rates.

The experts – comprising of cancer civil society groups, Non-Governmental organisations (NGOs) and patients – were reacting to promotional fliers by a private hospital indicating that it planned to use tumour markers to screen ovarian, breast, pancreatic, liver and colon cancers. Read the full article

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