The World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2022

This event has expired

The World Hospice and Palliative Care Day #WHPCDay22 is an annual unified day of action in support of hospice and palliative care.On this day the world celebrates the importance of palliative care to quality of
life, and advocate for equitable access for all.
The #WHPCD2022 theme is ‘Healing Hearts and Communities’, recognizing that the experience of grief and the need to heal unites humans worldwide. With more than six million deaths worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in tremendous strain on healthcare systems and unprecedented grief and suffering for health workers and caregivers. In addition, several conflicts and wars are taking place around the globe, resulting in millions of families and caregivers grieving the deaths of family and friends, experiencing social isolation and property destruction.
Advocacy for #WHPCD 2022 includes a call for national strategies for the inclusion of grief and bereavement care, which are essential to support the healing process. Through our collective efforts, we will engage governments and policymakers on the importance of ‘Healing Hearts and Communities’ by recognizing that death, dying, and grief, are inseparable, and that best practice palliative care includes grief and bereavement support for adults and children.

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