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DO YOU WISH TO SUPPORT CANCER CONTROL EFFORTS IN KENYA? Here is an opportunity for you. In the next 4 days we shall run an online campain on Global Giving. Join us through this link –

The project will ensure that cancer education materials are consistently provided to patients and caregivers in cancer centers across the country by oncology health workers trained to effectively communicate with cancer patients. The project aims to train 60 health workers, print and distribute over 100 cancer counseling flipcharts to the health workers, print and distribute over 15,000 cancer and caregiver booklets and print and distribute over 50,000 cancer IECs for the general public.$25,000
total goal$25,000


In Kenya, approximately 48,000 people are diagnosed with cancer and 33,000 die from the disease annually. In Kenya, Cancer is surrounded by myths, misconceptions, misinformation and lack of awareness among the public. As a result, cancer patients face stigma and feel confused hence the need to reach out to them with cancer information. We need to reach out to the public with cancer awareness messages to promote prevention and routine cancer screening for timely diagnosis and timely treatment.


KENCO is committed to creating awareness among healthcare workers, cancer patients, their caregivers, and the general public in order to demystify cancer. This will be done through the printing and distribution of cancer education materials already developed in consultation with various stakeholders including the Ministry of Health. The Project is ongoing and there is a high demand for cancer education materials. Help us to reach more cancer patients, caregivers and members of the public.

Long-Term Impact

Improving cancer education among health workers, cancer patients and their caregivers gives hope to cancer patients and inspires them to positively accept their diagnosis, adhere to treatment regimens leading to better health outcomes and survivorship. Creating cancer awareness among the general public will promote cancer prevention and routine screening which will ensure early detection and assure better treatment outcomes. This will ultimately reduce the cancer burden in the country.

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