Members Awareness Events

KENCO has brought together over 25 cancer civil society organizations and groups by playing a coordinating role. Some of the activities KENCO members are involved include Cancer screening, Patient support, Advocacy, Information & education and Fundraising. Seen here are some recent member activities by Hope & Courage International (HCI), Cancer Awareness Centre of Kenya (CACK) [...]

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Cancer Talk with Rebecca Lepsik from CureCervicalCancer USA

KENCO routinely organizes talks and cancer education for members on various topics on cancer.Rebecca Lepsik RN from CureCervicalCancer USA spoke to members at KENCO offices about early detection and prevention of cervical cancer.

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Experts caution public against unauthorised cancer screening tests

Stakeholders in the medical industry have raised alarm over the use of unproven screening methods by healthcare facilities to detect cancer. According to the experts, some of the tests being used are not in line with standard guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the World Health Organization (WHO). “While the hospitals are [...]

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Cancer crisis looms in counties as disease hits remote villages

Cancer organisations have raised the alarm over the lack of treatment centres in counties, yet the disease is increasingly moving away from urban centres. Hospitals in Nairobi have invested heavily in cancer machines, but other regions have been largely ignored. David Makumi, chairman of Kenya Network of Cancer Organisations (Kenco), says the government announced about [...]

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Tobacco giant fights Kenya’s anti-smoking laws

One of the world's biggest cigarette companies, British American Tobacco, has taken Kenya's government to court over its move to make anti-smoking laws stricter. Health groups in Kenya say that international firms' fight against regulations show that they are more worried about profits than protecting the public. Read the full article

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Global drug firms sign deal to cut cost of cancer medicines

Two global drug manufacturers, Pfizer and Cipla, have signed a deal that will see Kenyans buy a range of up to 16 cancer drugs at half the market price. The partnership is backed by the American Cancer Society (ACS) and Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). The deal will see an increase in access to [...]

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Cancer survivors demand 100% health cover during protests

Cancer survivors held protests outside Afya House on Friday as they sought to petition Health CS Cleopa Mailu for a 100 per cent treatment cover from NHIF. Under the Cancer Association of Kenya, they want the government to declare the disease a national disaster. They waved placards, carried banners and some protesters even shaved their [...]

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Launch of Cancer Education Materials in Kenya

KENCO together with the American Cancer Society and the Ministry of Health launched the IEC cancer education materials during a breakfast event on January 31st at Silver Springs Hotel. The Cabinet Secretary for Health Dr. Cleopa Mailu was present to launch the materials ahead of World Cancer Day on February 4. Amongst those present were representatives [...]

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