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KENCO has advocated for increased tobacco and alcohol taxation to
control use of tobacco and alcohol.

KENCO being a UICC member applied and was selected to be Kenya’s Country Champion for UICC treatment for All Advocacy campaign. The UICC treatment for all advocacy campaign aims to ensure the translation of global commitments into national action as set forth in the resolution on ‘Cancer prevention and control in the context of an integrated approach’ adopted at the World Health Assembly in May 2017.
As part of the agreement, UICC has been providing KENCO with tailored support and guidance to build its capacity and support its efforts to advocate at the National level for improvements in access to cancer treatment and care in Kenya. As part of the agreement, KENCO has also been paired with the American Cancer Society as mentors to for continuous technical support as the organization rolls out the campaign in Kenya.
The treatment for all campaign focuses on 4 pillars:
• Improved data for public health use
• Access to early detection and diagnosis
• Timely and accurate treatment
• Supportive and Palliative care

KENCO in partnership with the Ministry of Health together and other partners helped to introduce a vaccine against Cervical Cancer—also known as the HPV vaccine—into the Routine Immunization Schedule for 10-year-old girls as from October 2019.

Key to KENCO participation was the realization of the following objective
• To promote awareness and availability of the cervical cancer vaccine.
• Increase knowledge on the cervical cancer vaccine and its importance.
• Decrease and address fears, myths and misconception on the cervical cancer vaccine.
• To stimulate parents/guardians to demand for the cervical cancer vaccine for their 10-year old girls as a primary prevention against cervical cancer.
• To ensure parents/guardians are aware of where, when and how they can get their 10-year old girls vaccinated.

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