Cancer & COVID-19: The First 100 Days Through The Eyes of a Cancer Patient, Caregiver & Survivor

Today marks one hundred (100) days since the first case of COVID-I9 was confirmed in Kenya. Since then the number of COYID-I9 cases has risen gradually to over 4,200 with slightly over 115 COVID-19 related deaths. The World Health Organization (WHO) has documented that people with pre-existing conditions such as cancer are among the most-at-risk of COVID-I9 mortalities due to a compromised immune system. Cancer in the third (3rd) leading cause of death in Kenya, with 134 new cases being diagnosed per day and 92 people dying every day. These are more people than those that are contacting COVID-l9 or dying from it respectively on a daily basis in Kenya.

KENCO Call to Action Statement – 19th June 2020

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