Beth Rapha Cancer Foundation

Beth Rapha Cancer Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization registered under the NGO Council of Kenya. It was officially registered on 29th June 2021. It was founded by a group of five friends most of
who work in the health sector, with the aim of providing a place to stay for needy Cancer patients during
their period of treatment. Also, the NGO seeks to do home visitations to needy cancer patients on active
treatment and supporting them with foodstuff.
So far, we have managed to do visitations to 40 patients and have supported them with foodstuff and
basic household items. We are still working on putting up a place for hosting the patients.
The idea behind Beth Rapha was informed by the fact that some cancer patients lack a place to stay
during the period of treatment and often have to sleep on hospital corridors and benches during the
night while on treatment.
In 2017, the Kenyan media highlighted the plight of cancer patients who spend their nights in the
corridors of public hospitals during the course of treatment. This was occasioned mostly by the lack of a
place to stay in Nairobi. A good number of these patients came from areas that are far from Nairobi and
they did not have relatives to host them in Nairobi. Spending the night on the hospital benches and in
corridors exposes the patients to the risk of getting opportunistic infections and also sickness from cold
We believe that every human being has dignity and as such requires every effort to help in such
challenges. By offering a safe, convenient, and warm place to spend the night, as well as decent food,
such patients will have experienced compassion which will eventually improve treatment outcomes.

0115146521 / 0741833956 or 0726827086.
Offices: Westlands

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