Arise and Shine CBO

Arise and shine is a government registered Community Based organization located in Meru county, Kenya. This organization was a vision born by Reverend Pamela Gaceri Kiambi.There is a very huge concern of youths indulging in illegal activities because of idleness, Al lot of community members were suffering from health-related issues which includes diabetes, children dropping out of schools. Our community and religious leader came together with an aim to pull resources together and improve the living standards of our community members.

It is with the same spirit we partner with various services providers to improve the health of the community. Meru county is leading in number of cancer cases reported nationally. At least three cases of death associated with cancer are reported monthly in our locality. Arise and shine supports agriculture, supports youth sports and talents, visiting the elderly and the poor, creates mental health awareness, carry out sanitary drives and
gender and domestic violence programs.


Facebook: Arise and Shine CBO

WhatsApp: 0737910195


Phone call: 0718046899, 0728493928

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