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The Cancer Education Materials for Patients and Caregivers (CEMPC) program aims at demystifying cancer through the production and distribution of cancer education materials for use by health workers and patients and their caregivers.
The materials come in two forms:
1. Flipcharts – used by health workers in counseling cancer patients as a guide on the kind of information they need to pass to cancer patients. Before engagement, the health workers first undergo a two (2) day training which equips them with knowledge on cancer and skills on
effective communication, breaking bad news, counseling, and handling cancer patients. The flipcharts are available in both English and Swahili.
2. Patients and Care Givers Booklets – the booklets are issued to diagnosed cancer patients and their caregivers with an aim of demystifying the disease. The booklets cover various issues such as what cancer is, signs and symptoms of the disease, the treatment options available and their side effects, palliative care and pain management, diet and lifestyle management, and tips for caregivers. The booklet is available in English and Swahili as well.
As of August 2019, KENCO has trained over twenty-five (25) civil society organizations and over one hundred (100) health workers from over forty (40) health facilities providing cancer treatment and care services around Nairobi and its environs Coast, Rift Valley, and Western regions and is actively working with these organizations and facilities on the distribution of these materials to cancer patients and their caregivers. To date over fifteen thousand ( 15,000) materials have been distributed benefiting over twelve thousand (12,000) patients and caregivers have received booklets with at least six thousand (6,000) more estimated to receive them by the end of this year.

The cancer science training for cancer advocates seeks to empower lay individuals interested in or
working on cancer control with the right information on cancer to help ensure they have the right and
uniform knowledge and skills as they navigate around their cancer control work. KENCO has been training advocates within its membership in a two days program which involves a rigorous exercise in which members learnt,
discussed and shared various knowledge and experiences on chosen thematic areas in cancer control. The training are quite
interactive and also give participants opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences.
Key concerns for the trainings often involves exposing the participants to the current advancements made in cancer treatment both locally and to identify new areas of advocacy.

The Strengthening Organizations for a United Response to Cancer Epidemic (SOURCE) Program is a long-running program that seeks to empower cancer civil society organizations with training and technical expertise to develop and strengthen their organizations for a stronger response to the cancer scourge. The Program touches on various organizational development domains such as Governance, Financial Management, Financial Sustainability, Human Resource Management, External Relations and Partnerships, Program Management, Operations and Administration and Workplace Effectiveness and Management. The program is grounded at KENCO, supported by American Cancer Society and implemented by Steps Ahead Consulting Ltd. and basically benefits KENCO member organizations. The program which was initiated in 2016 has seen the first (1 st ) cohort of nine (9) organizations graduating in 2019 after undergoing the comprehensive program for 3 years and the second (2 nd ) cohort of ten (10) organizations set to complete the program in 2020.

To download the Full-Color CEMPC, click on the links below:

  1. What You Need To Know About Cancer: A Guide To Patients and Caregivers
  2. Unachofaa Kujua Kuhusu Saratani: Mwongozo Kwa Wangonjwa na Wahudumu Wa Afya
  3. What You Need To Know About Cancer: Flipchart For Use With Patients and Caregivers
  4. Unachohitaji Kujua Kuhusu Saratani: Kwa Matumizi ya Wagonjwa na Wauguzi
  5. How To Communicate With Cancer Patients: Tips for Health Care Workers

To download the Grayscale CEMPC, click on the links below:

  1. What You Need To Know About Cancer – A Guide For Patients and Caregivers_Grayscale
  2. What You Need To Know About Cancer – Flipchart For Use With Patients and Caregivers_Grayscale
  3. Unachohitaji Kujua Kuhusu Saratani- Kwa Matumizi ya Wagonjwa na Wauguzi_Grayscale
  4. Unachofaa Kujua Kuhusu Saratani – Muongozo Kwa Wangonjwa na Wahudumu Wa Afya_Grayscale
  5. How To Communicate With Cancer Patients Tips For Health Care Workers_Grayscale

The CEMPC is owned and copyrighted by the American Cancer Society and was developed in close collaboration with The Ministry of Health of Kenya, Kenyatta National Hospital, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Aga Khan Hospital, and the Kenyan Network of Cancer Organizations (KENCO) who provided technical guidance and design recommendations. The Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs facilitated the process.

Cancer Information and Education Materials