Who we are


Kenyan Network of Cancer (KENCO) is the National umbrella of civil society organizations whose interventions address all forms and manifestations of cancer in Kenya. KENCO has over fifty-five members (55) spread throughout the country. KENCO’s establishment and growth are premised on the need to harmonize and coordinate a united civil society response against cancer.

KENCO was formed and registered in 2016 with the aim of bringing together civil society organizations and coordinating their response to the cancer epidemic. Currently, KENCO members implement various cancer control activities such as the creation of awareness and public education on cancer, cancer prevention through screening and treatment, patient navigation through linkages to the referral system, follow-up, and care, provision of psychosocial support to cancer patients, and palliative care.

As the umbrella body, KENCO focuses on capacity building of member organizations and health workers; networking among members for knowledge share and improved delivery of services: collaborations and partnerships in cancer control; and advocacy aimed at influencing Government policies and legislation around cancer to the benefit of the public. KENCO is also involved in the creation of awareness of cancer among cancer patients and caregivers through the Cancer Education Materials for Patients and Caregivers’ (CEMPC) Program.  KENCO leverages the strengths and experiences of its members to advance the cancer prevention and control agenda in the country.

KENCO envisions communities and people with happy, healthy, and hopeful lives, unaffected by cancer.

KENCO exists to promote health equity for all people at risk of and living with cancer and to prevent and reduce the impact of cancer for those at risk and living with it, by influencing health care systems strengthening, raising awareness, policy education, and advocacy, partnership, and targeted research.

a) Integrity
b) Equity
c) Teamwork and partnership
d) Diversity and inclusivity

60 Members

As the recognized representative of cancer civil society organizations in Kenya, KENCO works very closely with State and Non-State actors including the Department of Non-Communicable Diseases of the Ministry of Health, The National Cancer Control Program, the National Cancer Institute of Kenya, Medical professional associations, Inter-Religious Council of Kenya, and NCD Alliance of Kenya among others.  KENCO pursues non-political, non-partisan, non-religious, and not-for-profit objectives.