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KENCO Strategy

We are guided by a five-point strategy that addresses the following areas;

  1. Capacity Building for member organizations.
  2. Networking among member organizations.
  3. Advocacy in cancer control both at national and county levels.
  4. Development of local and international linkages.
  5. Development and strengthening of our secretariat’s capacity.

The strengthening of member organizations is important to us and we are consistently identifying knowledge and skills gaps on matters of cancer control and providing capacity building to fill those gaps. We are in the process of developing an education programme that will fulfil this objective.

To help grow KENCO, we continually engage in recruitment of new members by organizing workshops to share experiences and engagements that support harmony within the network. Our advocacy efforts seek for the inclusion of our voice in the formulation and implementation of health policy at county and national level.

In 2016 KENCO was invited to sit on the think tank that formulated the National Cancer Control Strategy 2017 which was officially unveiled by the ministry of health in July 2017.The development of linkages is also important to our work and we have partnered with among many others:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Ministry of Health -Kenya
  • Institutions providing cancer care
  • The National Cancer Institute of Kenya,
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • The Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) Alliance Kenya

Our strategic focus is to nurture an environment where expertise and excellence merge to provide value and support for member organizations & cancer survivors.

We have a secretariat that continues to provide that space to ensure information flow and effective response. Our commitment is to building leadership, influential partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders.