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What We Do

KENCO through its member organizations not only promotes cancer awareness but is additionally keen about the protection of the rights of cancer patients by fighting discrimination and ensuring the access to information and treatment while guaranteeing the dignity of individuals. Our mandate includes the following;

  1. Bring together members of the cancer civil society and cancer survivors under one umbrella as a united front against cancer.
  2. Provide a platform for networking and information exchange.
  3. Raising the profile of the cancer control agenda by keeping the dialogue on the public domain with policy makers, government, opinion shapers and support partners.
  4. Forging partnerships, networks, and collaborations with non-state actors such as the pharmaceutical industry, religious bodies and donor partners to access resources for cancer control.
  5. Leverage mainstream and social media to help in sharing information on cancer control.
  6. Engage and advise government at national and devolved level on matters of cancer prevention and control.
  7. Conduct continuous member education to empower them with knowledge and skills to fight cancer effectively.
  8. Establish linkages with the Non-Communicable Disease Alliance Kenya (NCD-Alliance) to cultivate common approaches towards NCDs Control.
  9. To be the public watchdog by continually raising the alarm on the increasing burden of NCDs and seek to gain the same attention communicable diseases have with governments and donors.