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KENCO Goals and Objectives

We are committed to raising awareness on cancer control through a unified approach by harnessing the strengths of cancer organizations for the benefit of our members and cancer survivors. As we consolidate evidence based cancer information for member organizations,  survivors and the public, we are accurately aware of the need of:

  1. The promotion of public awareness about the causes, consequences, prevention and control of cancer by our members.
  2. The advocating for the rights of people living with cancer by assuring
  • The individual’s right to privacy is maintained
  • The outlawing of discrimination and subtleties in any form
  • Access to cancer care and social support.
  1. Address and seek the eradication of risk factors.
  2. Advocacy for access to quality and affordable diagnostic and treatment of services for persons with cancer.
  3. Ensure the sustainable capacity for the prevention and control of cancer.