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Kenyan Network of Cancer Associations-KENCO was established as the umbrella body of all cancer civil society groups’  to promote a unified approach  to cancer control. KENCO leverages on the strengths and experiences of our member organizations in advocating for cancer prevention and control.

While the members retain autonomy of their organizations, KENCO focuses on influencing policy, and legislation while representing both the interest of its members and the  public. KENCO represents cancer civil society  at The National Cancer Institute of Kenya whose mandate is entrenched in law captured by the Cancer Prevention & Control Act accented to  in 2012. KENCO is called upon from time to time to represent member organizations and cancer survivors in ad hoc committees, technical working groups and inter agency committees at the Ministry of Health. We also engage with cancer service providers such as hospitals, and the insurance industry.

KENCO has a membership of over 20 community based organizations (CBOs) NGOs, and patients groups.  We are non-political, non-religious. Several organizations are  undergoing vetting awaiting admission to membership.


KENCO will be the premier networking and advocacy body in cancer control.


We are a national not-for-profit umbrella body supporting member organization providing a networking platform for advocacy & information sharing in cancer control.

Core Values

  • Ethical organizational practises
  • Accountability and transperancy
  • Upholding dignity and diversity
  • Equitable, inclusive and accessible
  • Effective and impactful