October – Breast Cancer Month

October is breast awareness Month – Please go for screening!!!

Breast Cancer Awareness month is commemorated on October every year. KENCO organisations have been conducting Cancer Awareness campaigns and screening programs to sensitize the community on early detection strategy of Cancer and other related terminal diseases. This has been very successful as many people have benefited from these activities through early detection, diet interventions, physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Over the decade, Cancer cases have risen gradually mainly due to lack of awareness and poverty level as most patients cannot afford treatment. Even for those who can afford, it is eating away their finances and investments. Breast and cervical cancer has adversely affected women while prostate cancer has been the greatest killer in men. The country has lost prominent personalities and is now a global threat.

Following current statistics, Cancer is the 3rd highest cause of death in Kenya. 70-80% of cancer cases in Kenya are late diagnosed due to lack of awareness along with inadequate resources for treatment. Breast cancer is the leading cancer in women with incidence of 34 per 100,000 followed by cervical cancer-25 per 100,000 cases. Globally 1 in every 8 women is diagnosed. However, the survival rates have increased over time with early screening and detection

People shy away from clinical screening and mostly due to time, cost and lack of health awareness hence the increase in the menace. The benefit of screening is to increase chances of early detection and an opportunity for early medical intervention. If awareness is emphasized, Cancer can be eradicated to the minimal. The community must be sensitized more about cancer in order to save lives.

As KENCO family, we request your support in any way as we pool together for a cancer free society and will go a long way in enlightening the communities about cancer and other lifestyle diseases through facilitation of Cancer Awareness, Screening exercise, Screening apparatus, logistics and Awareness publications like print and electronic media


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