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Kenyan Network of Cancer Organizations is the umbrella body of cancer NGOs, patients groups and community-based cancer organizations active in cancer awareness, education, screening, prevention and patient support in Kenya.  KENCO undertakes the following:

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Cancer is a collection of over 100 diseases in which cells of an organ or tissue in the body become abnormal, growing and multiplying out of control. When cells grow out of control, they usually form a mass, called a tumour. Learn more

Membership is open to organizations that seek to adopt a unified approach to cancer control through cancer public awareness, education, screening, prevention, policy advocacy, and patient-care support. Learn more


Choose volunteer positions that match your interests and offer flexible scheduling. Professionals from any discipline such as Public Health, Administrative, IT & Social Media, PR & Communications, Advocacy & Programs and Fundraising are invited to give of their time and expertise.



You can also donate financially or in kind.


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